Citizenship by investment programs worldwide 17/02/2020

There are so many traditional and brand new citizenship by investment programmes on the market! Do you know all passport schemes, where you can invest in exchange for a new nationality and travel document? Let’s check the list of the 14 citizenship by investment program that are currently offered.

Citizenship by Investment Programs in the European Union

There are only two official citizenship by investment programs in the European Union. Austria’s CIP scheme was never transparent or open for the public and Bulgaria recently suspended its passport scheme. Greece plans to launch a new citizenship program for investors to compete with the success of Cyprus where applicants must wait until 2021 because the available passports are in process for the next two years. 

– Malta (Discus Holdings is an official agent of the Individual Investor Programme )
– Cyprus
– Greece (planned)

European Citizenship by Investment Programs

Montenegro launched the newest citizenship by investment program and Turkey operates the most successful such scheme in the world. Moldova stopped issuing passports for wealthy citizens after the new government arrived and gained power in the Eastern European jurisdiction. Albania, like Greece, is also planning to launch a citizenship by investment option very soon. 

– Montenegro (Discus Holdings is an official agent  of the program through through its 50 per cent owned subsidiary, Apex Capital)
– Moldova (suspended)
– Turkey
– Albania (planned)

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

The Caribbean paradise islands’ citizenship by investment programs are more popular than ever and it looks like that all jurisdictions managed to overcome the previous due diligence programs. 

– St Kitts and Nevis
– Dominica
– Grenada
– Antigua and Barbuda
– St Lucia

South Pacific Citizenship by Investment Programs

Vanuatu offers the most affordable and attractive citizenship scheme. The citizens of Vanuatu can freely enter in the Schengen zone as well. Discus Holdings Ltd proudly owns a 100% success rate; all of our clients received the citizenship certificates and the passports. 

– Vanuatu

– Asia: 
– Jordan
– Bangladesh
– Egypt

Citizenship by Investment Programs in Africa

The CIP from Comoros was always a suspicious solution and we don’t have enough legal information and practical experience to be able to compare it to the other passport solutions.  

– Comoros

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