How to get Malta residency? 12/09/2019

Malta is not only the home of the Individual Investor Programme (the citizenship by investment programme). The charming Mediterranean island nation also offers residency solutions, which lead to citizenship.

Discus Holdings Ltd’s headquarters is in Valletta, Malta’s capital. We are official and registered agents of the different immigration programmes; you can check here our authorised status on the Agents list.

Advantages of the Malta residency programmes

– Malta is a Member State of the European Union and part of the Schengen zone. You and your family can travel and stay in any Schengen country as Maltese residents without visas or permits.
– Malta is one of the safest countries in the world. On the smaller island of the country, Gozo, the resident don’t close their cars and houses.
– Foreign sourced and not remitted incomes are tax-exempt for residents in Malta.
– Indefinite residents have the same rights as Maltese citizens, except the right of voting in the national elections.

Malta Residence & Visa Program (Malta residency by investment program)

The residency scheme allows the successful applicants to obtain the resident status through an accelerated process and at the same time with the members of the family. Interestingly, the physical residency limits are not limited. It means that you can maintain your residency practically without living in Malta. Another benefit is that the government guarantees the return of the entire amount invested after five years and the national bondS’ rating is “A”. Moreover, perhaps the most crucial issue: the ability to finance investments.

How much should I invest in the Maltese residency?

1. Applicants must invest 250,000 euros in Maltese government bonds for five years.
2. Contribution to the State Fund: 30,000 euros.
3. Applicants must also purchase or rent residential real estate in Malta.

If you would like to become a resident and later a citizen in Malta through a financeable (affordable) scheme, please check here our detailed information about the process or ask for a free consultation here.

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