How to get Montenegro citizenship? 09/09/2019

Montenegro offers a more than competitive citizenship by investment program. Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the three official agents, who are allowed to submit applications.

The EU membership aspirant, UN and NATO member country’s government approved the official second passport solution in 2018.

Advantages of the Montenegrin economic citizenship scheme

– Holders of a Montenegro passport can enter visa-free in 117 countries worldwide (including the Schengen zone, Russia, Turkey Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Cyprus.

– Family members can also obtain citizenship (spouse and dependent children without age limitation).

– There are no residency requirements, and dual citizenship is allowed.

– In Montenegro, foreign-sourced income is tax-exempt, payments from life and property insurance as well.

– Children of Montenegrin citizens can learn in the European Union through various incentive programmes like the Erasmus and others.

Montenegro citizenship by real estate

There are two options of property investment in exchange for citizenship in Montenegro.

1. In the northern part of the country, applicants should purchase qualifying real estate for 250,000 USD.

2. In the southern, seaside part of Montenegro and the capital city, the qualifying amount of property investment is 450,000 euros.

All applicants must also contribute 100,000 euros to the state.

Montenegro citizenship requirements

– Only non-EU citizens can apply for the citizenship

– All candidates must prove the lawful source of their funds for investment

– They cannot be banned from entry to the US, UK, and the European Union

– One of the necessary documents is a clean police conduct certificate

– Impeccable business and personal reputation and credit history

– Good health

Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the three official agents of Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme, through the joint ownership of Apex Capital Partners Montenegro. If you are interested in becoming a citizen of Montenegro, contact us here for a free consultation!

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