How to get Vanuatu citizenship? 05/09/2019

Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is one of the most affordable second passport solutions. This economic immigration scheme guarantees the right to travel freely and enjoy the generous tax incentives of the island nation.

What is Vanuatu citizenship?

Vanuatu is a South Pacific nation made up of 80 islands. It is a scuba diving, and beach paradise and its capital is Harborside Port Vila on the island of Efate.

Vanuatu introduced the law regulating its citizenship by investment programme in 2016, and the scheme started officially in April 2017. The main objectives of the immigration program are to stimulate the economy, create jobs and balance the national budget. According to the law, foreign nationals can obtain citizenship in exchange for an investment.

Advantages of Vanuatu citizenship by investment program

– Holders of Vanuatu’s passport can enter visa-free 129 countries (among the visa exempted countries: the EU Schengen zone, UK, Russia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Caribbean jurisdictions and Commonwealth countries).

– There are no income, wealth, and inheritance taxes in Vanuatu.

– You can become a passport holder and a citizen of Vanuatu without visiting the country personally.

– Obtaining the passport takes only 7-8 weeks.

– Vanuatu’s economic citizenship program offers the most attractive and affordable solution.

How much is the investment for Vanuatu citizenship in 2019?

The required donation for the primary applicant is 80,000 USD.
In the case of the investor and a spouse, the amount of the donation is 100,000 USD. With two underage children, the amount increases to 130,000 USD and each additional dependent increases the necessary investment by 10,000 USD.

How to apply for Vanuatu citizenship?

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