How to get Grenada citizenship? 19/08/2019

Grenada’s traditional citizenship by investment program is one of the best passport schemes. This travel document is secure, and the naturalisation process is straightforward and affordable.

Advantages of Grenada citizenship by investment program

Holders of the Grenada passport can enter 144 countries visa-free, including the UK, the EU Schengen zone, Russia, the other Caribbean jurisdictions and most Commonwealth member states. Granada does not have income, wealth or inheritance taxes. Moreover, applicants can become citizens of Grenada without visiting the island nation. This investors’ immigration scheme is the most affordable on the market for larger families, and you can obtain the passport after a short, only three months-long process. There are only five countries in the world, whose passport holders can enter China visa-free and Grenada is one of them. 

How much does it cost to become a citizen of Grenada?

Grenada offers two investment options for the applicants in exchange for citizenship: 

1. A contribution of 150,000 USD to the National Transformation Fund

2. A minimum investment of 350,000 USD in real estate

Click here for our cost-benefit analysis on the Grenada citizenship by investment program!

Grenada citizenship by investment act 2013

This law enabled individuals and their families to acquire the citizenship and passport of Grenada by registration, through a qualifying investment for incidental and connected purposes. You can find the law here.

Grenada citizenship and the E2 American visa

The US E-2 Investor Visa allows the holder to enter and work inside of the United States of America based on an investment controlled by the visa holder,  while he or she works inside the United States. Grenada’s citizens are qualifying for the Treaty Investor (E-2) visa. It means that the applicants can become citizens of the Caribbean paradise nation island in three months, and subsequently, they can apply for the E-2 Visa and move to the US.  

How to apply for Grenada citizenship?

Our colleagues at Discus Holdings Ltd are experts of the Grenada citizenship by investment program. We support applicants who wish to obtain its passport since the introduction of the immigration scheme. Click here for a free consultation!

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