How to get Malta citizenship? 12/08/2019

The Individual Investor Programme, Malta’s citizenship by investment scheme is the world’s most stable and respected business immigration solution for applicants. The EU passport programme is safe, and holders of the travel document also become a citizen of the British Commonwealth of Nations. 

Why Malta citizenship?

Malta’s passport is one of the strongest you and your family can enter visa-free or by visa upon arrival in 166 countries (USA, Canada, Australia also).  Maltese citizens have the right to settle and work in any EU Member State. Those citizens of Malta, who spend more than 183 days outside the country do not have to pay income tax on their foreign-sourced and not remitted income. 

– The immigration process is accelerated.

– Lifelong citizenship for all members of the family, including parents and grandparents.

– No residency requirement.

How much does Malta citizenship cost?

– Investors must donate 650,000 EUR to the National Development Social Fund (NDSF)

– The applicants must also invest a minimum of 150,000 EUR in bonds, stocks or other special-purpose vehicles.

– The real estate requirement is the purchase of a residential property with a minimum value of 350,000 EUR, or they can rent real estate at an annual rent of at least 16,000 EUR.

– Global health insurance with a coverage of at least 50,000 EUR for all applicants.

Malta residency vs citizenship

The Mediterranean island nation of Malta offers several residency by investment solutions as well. These schemes allow the residents to live and work in Malta and stay in other EU countries. However, Maltese citizens have more rights. You can find all information and cost analyses of the Maltese residency by investment programmes here.

How to get Malta citizenship from India?

Discus Holdings Ltd is an official agent of Maltese citizenship and residency by investment programmes. You can check the list of the official agents here.
Our headquarters is in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. Please, contact us for all the detailed information.  

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