How to get Turkish citizenship by investment? 09/08/2019

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the most affordable solutions and became fast a significant player on the market. The cost is accessible, and the passport of Turkey (through a fast process) can even let you live in the US, under the E-2 investor visa.

Turkey citizenship by investment 2019

The changes of the Turkish citizenship law in 2019 reduced by nearly four times the necessary amount of investment required to qualify for the passport of Turkey. Of course, the program became even more attractive and now is one of the most sought-after citizenship solutions.

Advantages of Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

– Holders of the Turkish passport may enter visa-free over one hundred countries, among those Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil and many more.

– Family members of the primary applicant receive the passports at the same time.

– As the investments’ currency is in US dollars, there are no risks related to the local currency, and there are no problematic procedures to prove the source of your funds.

– Turkey’s citizenship investment scheme attracts individuals and businesses because of the government’s low tax rates and other incentives.

Turkey residency by investment requirements

There are four different options for investors to become citizens of Turkey.

– You can purchase real estate for at least 250,000 USD

– You can invest in manufacturing or business at least 500,000 USD

– You can deposit 500,000 USD in a local bank

– You can create at least 50 jobs

The investors must maintain their projects and deposit for at least three years.

How to get Turkey citizenship for Pakistani and Indian citizens?

Turkey Citizenship by Investment program allows the applications from India, Iran, Bangladesh and Pakistan as well, according to the official site of the passport scheme.

Our colleagues at Discus Holdings Ltd’s local office in Turkey are waiting for your questions and application. We are ready to help you to find the most convenient investment target and to collect the necessary documents. Then we will be there to support the success of your application. If you are interested in becoming a citizen of Turkey, contact us here.

Turkish citizens qualify for the E-2 “Treaty Investor” US Visa. By becoming a Turkish citizen, you can significantly reduce the waiting and processing time. Ask for all the detailed information and a free consultation!

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