How to get Cyprus citizenship by investment? 30/07/2019

In the European Union, Cyprus offers the fastest process to become a citizen, and the investment in exchange for the EU passport generates profit.

Why Cyprus citizenship?

Cyprus is a Member State of the European Union, and its citizens have to right to live and work in any other EU country. Family members of the primary applicant can obtain the Cypriot passports as spouses and the children under the age of 28.

As a Cypriot citizen, the investors do not have any physical residence obligation; they can live or work in any other European country. Perhaps, the most crucial benefit of Cyprus citizenship by investment scheme is that the investor can decide about the investment, which is a real investment. It means that the invested funds create real profit.  

Cyprus citizenship by investment 2019

There are two primary and widely used investment options to receive the Cypriot passport through investment in 2019. 

– You can purchase a real estate for at least half a million euros.

– You can invest at least 1,5 million euros in real estate, the alternative investment fund or governmental bonds.

Cyprus passport for investment step by step guide

Our experts at Discus Holdings help you to find the best investment solutions of the island nation. Our evaluation process is independent; the goal is to find for you the best solution.

Our immigration attorneys in Cyprus help you to collect all necessary documents for the naturalisation process. This process has a direct impact during the official review.

The submission of the application to the Cypriot authorities has crucial importance. The immigration officers will check your files and additional documents and will make the right decision to grant you EU citizenship. After the successful process, you will receive the passports and ID cards of Cyprus.

Do you want to become a Cypriot citizen through investment? Click here for all the detailed information!

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