Dominica citizenship: the stable programme 25/07/2019

Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme is one of the most reliable second passport solutions for interested investors.

The program started in 1993, and it proved that it could help the nation through political eras and helps to rebuild the country after devastating natural catastrophes.

Kenneth Green, the president of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC), spoke about the programme’s benefits. During elections, the opposition parties of Dominica always criticised the citizenship program. However, all political parties continued to benefit from the direct investments from foreign investors, who applied for the Caribbean nation’s passport. 

In 2018, the devastating Hurricane Maria almost destroyed the private sector of the island nation. Moreover, it was undoubtedly the citizenship by investment programme which helped to get the business on track all over again. 

According to VICNews, Kenneth Green said, “Citizenship by Investment is not new to Dominica, If you look below the surface you will realize that this program is being practised since 1993, every party has kept the CBI program. There may have been different policies, but it was there.”

How to get Dominica citizenship?

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There are two ways to get the citizenship and passport of Dominica. Investors can contribute 100,000 USD directly to the government, or they can invest in real estate from 200,000 USD to qualify for the fast-track naturalisation process. The process of becoming a Dominican passport holder is straightforward and fast, and it takes only two months.

What are the benefits of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme?

The passport of Commonwealth of Dominica will allow you to travel visa-free to 137 countries, including the Schengen and EC countries. Dominica has visa-free access to the UK, the Caribbean, and the Commonwealth countries. 

Dominica’s new immigration process does not oblige the applicants to visit the country personally before becoming a citizen. However, the government may still invite the investors to online discussion to know more about their plans. There are no residency requirements and income, wealth, or inheritance taxes in Dominica. The experts of Discus Holdings Ltd created a cost and benefit analysis of Dominican citizenship by investment program; you can read it here.

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