Education in Montenegro through the citizenship by investment programme 18/04/2019

When you invest in the citizenship of Montenegro for your family’s secure future, it is essential to take a closer look at the education system. There are international schools, and the EU programs allow your children to learn in any European country.

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Montenegro’s education system is developed and very similar to the Member States of the European Union. Of course, it is not a coincidence; the country joins the EU soon and must integrate into the European Union’s educational structures. 

Montenegro public education system

Elementary education in Montenegro for citizens and residents is mandatory and free. The language of instruction in public schools is Montenegrin (Serbian Bosniak, Croatian), and so is Albanian in some elementary and secondary schools where there is a significant presence of Albanians.

There are three secondary school types in Montenegro:

  • Gymnasium lasts for four years and is considered as the preparatory school for college.
  • Professional school lasts for three or four years and offers broad and also specialised education.
  • Vocational school last for three years, without the option of continuing education and offers specialised professional knowledge.

Tertiary education in Montenegro includes colleges (4-6 years) and higher schools (2-4 years). Postgraduate studies are allowed for students with Master, Ph.D or other specialised degrees.

Montenegro private and international schools

There are several international schools in Montenegro.

  • Knightsbridge Schools International Montenegro
  • QSI International School of Montenegro
  • United Kids International
  • Arcadia Academy

These schools offer internationally accepted degrees and education in various foreign languages.

Montenegro and EU – International scholarship programmes

The children of foreign investors, who purchase real estate in exchange for the citizenship qualify for several international educational programmes. It means that they can learn almost anywhere in Europe.

Erasmus + Programme

Available for the students of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies. Scholarship scheme: student exchange for a period of 3 to 12 months.

CEEPUS – Central European Exchange Program for University Studies

Available for students of all levels of studies. Scholarship scheme: 2 to 10 months in foreign educational institutes.

Mevlana Exchange programme

Available for Students of bachelor, master or doctoral studies and academic staff. Scholarship scheme: one or two semesters.

Visegrad Scholarship Program

Available for the students of postgraduate and doctoral studies. Scholarship scheme: 5 to 10 months.

The list of additional foreign schemes is long; even the Korean Government offers scholarships for Montenegrin citizen students. 

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